Are Jinxes Real?

Back in December, I had my first ever cavity filled.

Here’s what went down:  When the hygienist asked if I had any medical procedures or anything done recently, my mom said “No, we’re waiting for her first cavity.”  Being the anxious person that I am, I was paranoid about having a cavity for the rest of the appointment.  I even told the dentist “Please no cavities.”

Well, it turns out that I had one.  I was really irrationally upset about it.  People kept telling me it was no big deal, but I didn’t believe them, because it felt like a huge thing.  I hadn’t planned on ever having cavities.  It wasn’t until I talked to my friend Abbey, who is studying to be a dentist, that I felt better.

I kind of feel that because my mom said that, she made it happen, predicted it, or whatever.  What do you think?  Am I reading into the situation too much, or is my thought process rational?

2 responses to “Are Jinxes Real?”

  1. 😁 we all want to blame someone but ourselves for our cavities 😉 It’s quite natural. Not having one is boring because that would mean you are eating too much healthy non sugary food. How boring.

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