Courtesy of Bear McCreary

If my life were a movie, I’d only want one man to do the entire soundtrack:  Bear McCreary.

He’s the composer behind the music of Outlander.  And he’s amazing.  Some songs are better than others, but on the whole, the music in Outlander is amazing.  It’s something that builds me up when I’m feeling down.  Outlander wouldn’t be the amazing show that it is without its music.

Really, my life doesn’t even have to be a movie.  I just want a personalized soundtrack by Bear for my life.  I tweeted as much to him one night, but he didn’t respond.  Oh well.  He still makes music that I can listen to.  And that’s okay by me, because it means a lot to me.

If this post seems a bit repetitive, it’s because I’m having trouble describing my feelings.  When things mean a lot to me – and I mean anything – I often have trouble putting my feelings into words.  Sometimes, in rare moments, I can do it.  I can accurately articulate my feelings.  But most of the time, I feel like I can’t.  And it’s not because I want to avoid my emotions.  I’m all too aware of them.  And Bear McCreary triggers some great stuff inside of me.

Cue the Violins

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