Talking Goals

If I don’t have my goals, then what do I have?

For years, I’ve been saying I want to be a journalist for ABC News.  Which I do – as I’ve said before, I can’t imagine doing anything else.

But some people don’t like me talking about this – or any other goal, for that matter.  Because apparently, I’m not working towards them.  It’s like there’s a certain set of steps to get to my goal that I – somehow – don’t know about.  It’s really frustrating when the feelings in my core that make up who I am aren’t validated by the people closest to me.  I have to get said validation and support from other places – which is fine, I don’t mind, but I really wish it would come from my family.

In a way, verbalizing my goals is also a way to keep my eye on the prize.  Is that so wrong?  I don’t think so.

Verbal Confirmation


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