If I Could Trade Blogs

I really enjoy what I write, but …

If I could trade blogs with anyone, I think it would be Niall O’Donnell from English-Language Thoughts.  His posts are really interesting, and honestly, I envy all of his knowledge about words and their origin.

Because – I know I’ve said this before, but I can’t remember what post it is – I’m fascinated by how language evolved.  How did we go from cave paintings and grunting to using words?  How did we get different languages?  I know the story from the Bible, but it’s more likely something to do with evolution.  How do we decide what words mean?  How do words change meaning over time?

As you can probably tell from these questions, I’m a huge nerd.  I used to shy away from it because I was self-conscious about it (because my cousins used to tease me) , but now I embrace it.

My college English major only scratched the surface.  I like analyzing and discussing literature – Shakespeare is one of my favorites.  But there’s still so much more I can – and want to – learn.

Niall, keep the posts coming!



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