The Post

The Post is the story of the Pentagon Papers and how the government tried to stop the press from publishing them.

This was a really great – and inspiring – movie.  It takes places during the Vietnam War and details the fallout from the Pentagon Papers.  The Pentagon Papers were a series of classified documents that the government was worried would compromise national security.  But really, they just seemed to be trying to cover up what was happening in Vietnam.

Tom Hanks’s performance as Ben Bradlee was excellent.  He really captured the hard-hitting, investigative journalism and Bradlee’s – and everyone else’s for that matter – belief in freedom of the press.  Because if there’s no freedom of the press, it’s not really a democracy, is it?

Meryl Streep’s performance as Kay Graham wasn’t something to be messed with either.  Graham was a woman in an industry – and era – dominated by men, but she was still able to make decisions for herself based on what she believed in and stick to them, no matter what anyone said.  Streep pulled it off beautifully.

Steven Spielberg is – as always – a great director.  He really captured the times.  Almost everyone was smoking almost everywhere, and they used rotary phones and pay phones.  It was also really interesting to see how the newspaper was actually printed.  They had to print the articles on what looked like metal blocks and then dip them in ink and press it onto newsprint.  It was really cool.

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