Les Misérables

Sunday – January 28 – was amazing.  Because Les Misérables was amazing.

It was the evening performance on the last day that the show was at Chrysler Hall in Norfolk, Virginia.

The excitement and anticipation in the theater were palpable.  But anyway, on with the show.

This particular production of the play followed the format of the 2012 movie, so it was very familiar.  But some of the singing was hard to understand because it was so high-pitched.  The singing itself was expected, but the amount of it was still surprising.  There was only one phrase of dialogue that seemed to be spoken.

The staging and the props were mind-blowingly impressive.  Just like the movie, the play began with Jean Valjean on the chain-gang when he receives parole.  He and the other prisoners are rowing boats.  The water was simulated on a screen came up as the play began.  And the overseers were situated high in the back of the stage, which made it look like the prisoners were far below.

Another masterpiece as far as props go was the barricade.  It was essentially the barricade from the movie.  But the cool part was how the cast made use of it.  Instead of firing fake guns into the audience, they were facing the back of the stage, shooting through the barricade.  The guns may have been fake, but the gunshot sound effects were awfully loud.

And last but not least – spoiler alert? – was Javert’s suicide.  Again it was like the movie, him jumping off a bridge and all, but he didn’t faceplant on the stage.  They lifted him up and the background was as if he were falling backwards into a swirling vortex.

It’s definitely a show worth seeing.  Don’t miss out.

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