My Connection to Fictional Characters

One of the things I look for in a good story is whether I can connect to the characters or not.

Lucky for me, I usually can.  That’s why I say I haven’t met a book I don’t like.  But some books are extra special.

These are the books in which I know exactly how a character must be feeling in a given moment.  I may not have all the same experiences yet, but the sentiments conveyed in them are ones I know very well.

I’ve always had this ability – to relate a something a character is going though to something I’m going through or something I’ve been through previously.  Sometimes the emotions that I feel are so strong that I kind of freeze up, and I have to take a few deep breaths to let the moment pass.

Another way I connect to characters is that they have something I want.  It’s usually a sense of belonging or a close knit family, but maybe I’ll save that explanation for another post.

Is this normal, or should I just accept that I am now more of a weirdo than I once thought I was?



3 responses to “My Connection to Fictional Characters”

  1. I love your topic, and ironically, my blog runs many parallels to your points! I’ve always had a fascination with characters in books and movies to the point where I wanted to create my own. I started a story in book fashion on my page through hand drawn pictures and pages I think you would really enjoy. My favorite characters have always resembled what I would really want in my heart of hearts. Great post and hope your future endeavors find you well 🙂

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