The Claire Danes Effect

Today, I saw someone on TV whom I nearly forgot existed.  As far as relevance, I mean.

But while I was watching “The View” today, Claire Danes hit me with a ton of bricks right in the feels.

I became familiar with Danes through Shakespeare of all people.  I was 15, and very vulnerable.  It was the end of the semester in my ninth grade English class, and we were watching the Baz Lurman adaptation of Romeo and Juliet, in which Danes starred opposite Leonardo DiCaprio.

At first, it was fascinating to say the least.  Taking Shakespeare’s swords away and giving them guns to shoot with on Verona beach?  Sign me up!

But then, shit got real really fast.  One day, my teacher decided it would be the best idea ever to watch the scene where Juliet puts a gun to her head in tears.  Not once, but twice.  The first time, I had absolutely no idea what was coming.  Looking back, I had what can only be described as a panic attack.

When she said we were going to watch the scenes again – we actually watched two adaptations of the same scene – I decided to take control of the situation.  I said, “I’m just gonna go out in the hallway.” I did.

Cut to today – Claire was talking about Homeland, which I realized I really need to watch. It’s called researching for my novel. And Claire herself is really fun – definitely someone I’d want to hang out with.

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