Reluctant New Phone Owner

Today, Mom and I were out doing errands, and I ended up with an iPhone 8.

I really wasn’t expecting to get it; I just wanted the Verizon store to see if they could free up space on my phone. It was always saying “storage almost full” or “storage full” even though I didn’t actually have much on it. Most of the space was taken up by the phone system itself. Weird, right?

So Mom took my phone into the store and the next thing I know, she comes out to the car telling me I can get a 64 GB iPhone 8. She didn’t give me much time to think about it either; she was tired of hearing me complain about not having space on my phone.

But it’s actually a good thing in the long run. I can have everything on my phone with GB to spare. And I’m really excited about the “Pages” app. It’s like a built-in Microsoft Word. So I can have all my writing ideas in one place when inspiration strikes.

I guess I’m not so reluctant after all.

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