The Double Edged Actress

It would be a shame to quit watching Homeland cold turkey. For now though, I can say that not-watching is temporary.

Why, you ask? It’s because Claire Danes is good. Too good. In fact, she’s bloody brilliant.

Remember my reaction to Romeo and Juliet? Well, I’m not even through two episodes of the third season, and Homeland has been that tenfold.

Somehow, she has been able to tap into my own experience. That is, I see myself in Claire Danes’s characters, and the way she portrays them just amplifies the similarities.

I’ve been where her characters have been. Circumstances might change, but feelings and the things that trigger them usually don’t. In my experience, at least.

Seriously. The last thing I need to see right now is Carrie Mathison having another breakdown. Because the other thing is, I don’t want her to lose her job again.

Before anyone calls me crazy, I should clarify that I am fully aware that she is a fictional character. But she’s also who I’ve always wanted to be. For as long as I can remember, I’ve been fascinated by undercover missions that go after and catch the bad guys. And since I can’t actually do those things physically, I live vicariously through writing. And Homeland.


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