Solo: A Star Wars Story

A funny thing happened when I went to see it on Friday:  I checked Fandango, and I swear it said the movie was at 2:40 PM.  When we got the tickets though, they said the movie was still in previews, so we had time to get in without missing anything. I must admit, I kind of liked skipping the previews.

Anyway, on with the review.

 This is the origin story of Han Solo.  How he started out as a common thief and became the hero from Star Wars that we know today.  Though it may seem simple, this story is anything but.

This was basically the origin story of everything – how Han became a pilot, an outlaw, and how he met Chewbacca – which is a whole adventure in itself.

It was still futuristic, but not as fancy, because – obviously – it was a different time.  No light sabers, just blasters.  And it was a lot of stone with blue and earthy tones.  Though the aesthetics may seem peaceful, it didn’t have any shortage of action.  They hit the ground running and never let up.

Han himself – Alden Ehrenreich – was the typical cocky bad boy.  He may have mellowed with age, but the reckless spirit was always there. He always did what he felt was right, no matter what anyone said.

Han has a complicated relationship with his friend Qi’ra – Emilia Clarke. She finds herself in a world of trouble that she can’t seem to escape, no matter how hard she tries.

With Chewbacca in tow, Han has to figure out for himself who to trust and how to reach his goals. But he always knows how to make an entrance and shake things up.

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