Why am I still so bothered by it?

Let me set the scene, shall I?  One of my mother’s friends came for a visit, and she was in our den watching Outlander, one of my favorite TV shows.

Honestly, what happened next is a bit fuzzy because the situation escalated so quickly.  For some reason, Mom’s friend said something like “I bet [Sam Heughan] is gay.”  Sam Hueghan being the actor who plays Jamie Fraser on Outlander.

I’m not sure when I decided to throw my two cents into the discussion, but I remember trying to explain to them that just because Sam has done theater acting doesn’t automatically mean he’s gay; it’s a stereotype that theater acting = someone is gay.

This did not go over well at all.  Mom came in my room and yelled at me “I’M TELLING YOU A FACT!”  Translation:  Sam Heughan must be gay because all theater actors are gay.  It’s just a fact.

Later, when I mentioned that a different theater actor was, in fact, straight, my mother denied the Sam Heughan incident.  Something to the effect of “I never said that.  I never would.”

Well, she did say that.  And I haven’t been able to look at Outlander the same way since.  I fully support Sam Heughan, whatever he happens to be, so I don’t know why something that happened months ago still bothers me.  I haven’t even been able to listen to the entire Outlander Season 3 soundtrack.  Season 3 is the most recent season.

But I do know this:  I still can’t fathom why any actor’s orientation would cross someone’s mind when watching TV.  The audience is supposed to be engrossed in the story.  That night, not so much I guess.


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