Not Just a Fangirl

I’ve talked about this before, but after this weekend, I think it bears repeating.

On Friday, I went to see Mama Mia!: Here We Go Again, and it’s easily one of my favorite movies. I couldn’t help but sing along. I like to think the movie was loud enough to cover up my horrible singing.

Anyway, afterward, Mom kept saying I was a fangirl, to which I kept replying “No”. Because I’m not; not really.

What I mean by this is that I’m not superficial about my fandoms anymore. All of them are very important to me, in their own ways. Two of them helped me get through college when I felt that I had no one who supported me, although one of them also exacerbated my problems, and I take full responsibility for the mistakes I made because of those problems.

Part of this is that I don’t take things lightly. I may come off as obsessive when trying to explain things to people, but sometimes I can’t think of any other words to describe them.

And part of it is also that I’ve found things that I’m passionate about that the people around me can’t even begin to understand, even though they say they understand me. So it’s nice when I find people who like the same things that I do.

Anyway, all this to say I think the term “fangirl” (or “fanboy,” for that matter) is thrown around a lot these days. And in my honest opinion, it seems to give fandoms a trivial connotation. If someone is associated with a fandom, then they’re just lumped together with a larger group of people who like the same thing. It doesn’t make anyone care about having specific reasons for liking something because no one is going to care if someone starts rattling off reasons why they like this or that.

That’s my experience, anyway.


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