Social Media

I had a random epiphany today.

I just got back on Instagram after not using it for awhile because I didn’t get notifications, and I didn’t know how to turn them on.

And I have to say that getting back on is one of the best things I’ve ever done. It reminded me what social media is truly about – connecting with and interacting with people.

Of course, there’s still the time suck of endlessly and aimlessly scrolling – we’re all guilty of it. And while companies and app developers have made their products more addictive, that’s not necessarily their intent. The social media platforms and apps are meant to bring people closer together by sharing stories and photos; it seems we’ve forgotten that.

We control how much time we spend on social media and other apps; phones don’t develop a mind of their own and force us to pay attention to them. And no one else is going to impose limits.

I’m definitely going to be more mindful of my social media use, so that I can actually get enjoyment out of it and it’s not just a way of avoiding boredom.

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