Twitter Magic

In Wednesday’s post, I talked about how social media is meant to bring people together.  Sometimes, it really does.

The “Twitterverse” as it’s sometimes called, can make the world very small indeed.  Gone are the days when the only access fans had to their favorite celebrities was TV or seeing them in concert.  If you want to say hi or something these days, all you really have to do is tweet them (unless they don’t have any social media at all, in which case, that sucks).

Tweet people is exactly what I did Wednesday morning.  Kayna Whitworth’s interview with Rachel Platten had just aired on Good Morning America.  Being that Rachel Platten is essentially the older sister I’ve never had, I made sure I was up early enough to see it.

Anyway, I really enjoyed the interview, and I told them so in a tweet.  What happened next was really fun.  Not even five minutes later, Kayna Witworth “liked” said tweet.  Of course, I wasn’t really thinking either of them would see it, so it was special that she did.

And I hope that dopamine hit never gets old.  Because, full disclosure, I’ve interacted with my favorite journalists on Twitter more than once.  And each time feels like the first.  I consider myself lucky in that way, because it means I’m still humble.  I don’t ever want to reach a point where it feels normal that the journalists respond or I start expecting them to respond.  That would be the point of no return, when I lose all respect for the people I look up to, because it wouldn’t mean as much for them to respond.

However, knowing myself and knowing that I’ve always wanted to be a journalist, I don’t think it will get old.  Because journalists – especially the ones at ABC – are my people.  They’re part of the family I’ve chosen for myself, and they’re definitely positive role models.  We share the same passion for digging up the facts and chasing the truth.  Journalism and journalists have shaped who I am, and I can’t thank them enough for that.


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