Crazy Rich Asians

Summary from IMDB:

This contemporary romantic comedy, based on a global bestseller, follows native New Yorker Rachel Chu to Singapore to meet her boyfriend’s family.

Like any romantic comedy, it was light and fun. And it had a plot twist that made it just right – a perfect balance of depth and happily ever after.

The cast was really impressive – and not just because it was all Asians, although that was really cool to see. Constance Wu, Awkwafina, Ken Jeong, and Ronny Chieng, just to name a few people.

Constance Wu may be the weird Mom on ABC’s “Fresh off the Boat,” but this movie showed a different side of her. It was nice to see her in a slightly more serious role.

In Oceans Eight , Awkwafina was the quiet pickpocket from the streets. This time around she was the loud-mouthed, cringe worthy friend, and it was hilarious. Her scenes were some of the funniest in the movie because she was so sassy.

Ken Jeong was the typical “dad” in the sense that he took every opportunity to embarrass his family no matter what. However, that usually ended up making everyone else very uncomfortable. Definitely an over-the-top character.

And last but not least, Ronny Chieng. He had a smaller role than might have been expected, because he’s quite funny on his own. Things always get interesting when he makes an appearance on The Daily Show with Trevor Noah.

This is definitely a romantic comedy worth seeing because it turns the genre on its head.

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