Goodbye Christopher Robin: A Rant

I finished watching it last night. It was the best movie in the worst way possible.

As far as I could tell, it was fairly accurate. And that was the problem.

Maybe it was because I had some knowledge of it before I saw it. That is, we studied Winnie the Pooh in my Children’s Literature class in college.

A. A. Milne wasn’t as “fatherly” in real life as he was in the movie, so really I appreciate Domhnall Gleeson’s portrayal.

Once A.A. dreamed up Winnie the Pooh, his son – the real Christopher Robin, of course – became a cash cow.

And the way they showed it in the movie was appropriately cringe worthy. So cringe worthy, in fact, that I almost couldn’t watch it. All the media and interviews Christopher had to do – no wonder he grew to hate Winnie the Pooh. He never wanted any of the attention, and I can’t say I blame him, although I’m not sure I would’ve reacted the same way if it were me in the situation.

He even got made fun of for it at school (not sure if that part is true, but I wouldn’t be surprised if it were).

So I guess you could say I love to hate this movie.

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