How “You Belong” Really Makes me Feel

If you read Friday’s post, you’ll know that I was a bit apprehensive, to say the least, about Rachel Platten’s new song.

But I didn’t need to be at all. It’s so beautiful it makes me cry. Then again, any song by Rachel can make me cry if it catches me off guard. And she wrote it for her daughter, but it definitely means a lot to me too; I will find where I belong someday. And everyone who doubts me will just have to eat their words. I just wish this kind of positivity that she gives me wouldn’t be so fleeting.

Deep down, I think I knew “You Belong” was going to be a good song and everything was going to be fine, but I still care about Rachel and her family. And because I was focusing on A.A. Milne for some reason, I worried about the “cash cow” situation almost automatically.

If caring about Rachel this way makes me a “weird” fan, then it will be my badge of honor. The fans I really can’t stand are the ones who run fan accounts and incessantly use social media to try and get noticed by famous people. Like, why do they care so much? If you obsess over whether or not someone notices you, it makes it less fun. At least in my opinion. In other words, when someone finally notices you, it won’t mean as much.


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