Technological Catch 22

I read Joseph Heller’s Catch 22 as a senior in high school.  I really enjoyed it.  Then again, when haven’t I liked a book?  I can’t think of many I’ve hated.

Anyway, I never understood the phrase “catch 22” until I read the book.  If I remember correctly – It’s been awhile, haha (and honestly, I just looked it up to make sure I had the details right) – if the soldiers said they were okay to fly the combat missions, they were considered insane.  But if wanted to be relieved of the missions, they were considered sane and okay to fly.

But I’m not going to rehash the book for you.  I’m going to talk about a technological catch 22:  my phone usage.

In iOS 12, the latest iPhone software update, Apple put a function in settings that tracks how long you use the phone every day.  Lately, I’ve been proud of myself because my usage has gone down.  Obviously, I’d like to keep it going in that direction.  But when I think of all the things I use my phone for, that seems impossible.  I use it to listen to music and podcasts, talk to my friends, read the news, make Spanish flashcards etc.  So I’m caught between wanting to use it less and having to use it for things I want to/have to do.

I want to break the cycle, but I’m not sure I know how.  Do you have any advice for using my phone less?

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