It Wasn’t Broken


Outlander just came back for season 4 in November.  And because I love the books and the TV show, I have a problem. 

So Why “Fix” it?

You know the saying “If it ain’t broke, don’t fix it?”  Well, I kind of feel like that’s what’s happened with the TV show.

The first two seasons of the show followed the books almost exactly; it was really fun to see all the details from the books, and I was proud of the creators for wanting to get things right and not just running away to do whatever they wanted with it.

The third season was pretty true to the books as well.  But this season, something is off.  They seem to be changing everything.  All the important parts that make up the main story are still there, of course, but being the kind of fan that I am, I was looking forward to certain details that were nowhere to be found.

I understand that TV and movies have to change some things to make the story work for a visual medium, and they do consult the author of the books, Diana Gabaldon.  In fact, she’s the first name in the credits of the episode every week as “Consultant”.  She even wrote an episode for season 2.  But lately, I feel like she’s a consultant only in name, so that the creators can try and cover their butts if and when people complain about accuracy or whatever.  How can she let them get away with changing the details that fans, such as myself, look forward to?  I’d like some answers, people.  You know who you are.