It Wasn’t Broken


Outlander just came back for season 4 in November.  And because I love the books and the TV show, I have a problem. 

So Why “Fix” it?

You know the saying “If it ain’t broke, don’t fix it?”  Well, I kind of feel like that’s what’s happened with the TV show.

The first two seasons of the show followed the books almost exactly; it was really fun to see all the details from the books, and I was proud of the creators for wanting to get things right and not just running away to do whatever they wanted with it.

The third season was pretty true to the books as well.  But this season, something is off.  They seem to be changing everything.  All the important parts that make up the main story are still there, of course, but being the kind of fan that I am, I was looking forward to certain details that were nowhere to be found.

I understand that TV and movies have to change some things to make the story work for a visual medium, and they do consult the author of the books, Diana Gabaldon.  In fact, she’s the first name in the credits of the episode every week as “Consultant”.  She even wrote an episode for season 2.  But lately, I feel like she’s a consultant only in name, so that the creators can try and cover their butts if and when people complain about accuracy or whatever.  How can she let them get away with changing the details that fans, such as myself, look forward to?  I’d like some answers, people.  You know who you are.


2 responses to “It Wasn’t Broken”

  1. Actually, the 3rd season took the main relationship off the rails by writing in angst where there was none in the book. The writers reasoned from their own mundane experience that after a separation of 20 years there would be uncertainty and misunderstandings between the long estranged couple. They missed the entire point of the books!

    The Jamie Claire bond is not ordinary but unites two souls across time and space. When book Claire succeeds in finding Jamie after her purposeful return, there was instant camaraderie, like 2 magnets clicking together. After Jamie’s many near death and tortuous experiences, Claire was just grateful to find him alive, healthy and still in love with her as she was with him. She joined him in his illicit escapades instead of prissily disapproving of everything he did as on the show. She never wavered, never implied to him that her life in Boston with Frank was fine and something she should never have left, ugh.

    The drama came with the discovery of his marriage to the woman she considered her arch enemy and that was mishandled in both book and show because in the book, she never told Jamie Laoghaire’s part in her witch trial and in the show, she had forced Jamie to make nice with Laoghaire at his grandfather’s castle. For Claire to then turn around and make a big deal out of his supposed betrayal was logically incoherent.


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