Frequency vs. Quality


I’ve had this blog for almost five years now. And it’s been said that posting on a consistent basis is better for an audience. For the most part, my experience tells me this is true.

However, in setting up a schedule of posts on Monday, Wednesday, and Friday, I now have another problem: coming up with something to write about. I hate writing something just to stick to a schedule. Because sometimes, it’s not my best writing. If I don’t write posts that I can be proud of, what’s the point?

My best writing comes in moments of insanity. By that, I mean an idea gets stuck in my head and it won’t leave until I write it down. It’s a compulsion, and I love the metaphorical high I get from it.

Of course, this “high” doesn’t happen all the time. If it did, my life would be a lot easier. And definitely more fun. And maybe people would take me more seriously as a writer. Some people have really weird standards and ideals. Which sucks, because it makes me question everything about my life.

But I digress. I realize that sticking to a schedule is important, but if I’m grasping for topics day after day, that’s no fun at all. And it’s a lot of effort to come up with absolutely nothing in the end. I feel like I let my audience down when I don’t post, because they’ve come to expect something from me, and I’m a people-pleaser who doesn’t want to disappoint anyone. But why should I let the quality of my writing suffer in the name of consistency?

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