Brianna and Lizzie


Outlander. If you don’t know, now you know that it’s pretty much my favorite TV show. I’ve been able to let a few of the smaller changes from Drums of Autumn slide, but there’s one that I have questions about.

Episode 408, Wilmington, was all kinds of intense. I was happy with how it stayed true to the book; all the main story elements in the series as a whole are present. One such element is that when Brianna (Sophie Skelton) goes through the stones to find her mother and Jamie, she brings along another girl, Lizzie Weymss (Caitlin O’Ryan).

In Drums of Autumn, when Brianna is trying to find a way to get to North Carolina, she overhears something about another girl, the aforementioned Lizzie, being sold as a concubine. Being the bold person that she is, Brianna jumps right in and pays for Lizzie’s passage to the colonies, because she is NOT having any of this “concubine” business.

In the show, however, it was the most awkward situation ever. Really hard to watch. And that’s saying something, with all of the other shenanigans going on in that episode. Joseph Weymss, Lizzie’s father, had to beg Brianna to take his daughter with her. Brianna was clearly uncomfortable with the situation, and she kept saying “I can’t”.

For what purpose, though? Why change Brianna like that? Unless I’m remembering the book wrong. But something tells me I’m not.


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