The Problem with YOU


Netflix made an original series out of Caroline Kepnes’s novel You. I liked it; it’s neither good nor bad. But that’s not saying I don’t have any problems with it at all.

The other day, I found a meme on Facebook, and I shared it with my friend, who has also read the book and watched the series. Kaitlyn is actually the person who introduced me to the book and gave it to me to read.

On the surface, and perhaps for the fans who have only watched the series, the meme is funny. After I was done laughing, though, it made me really mad. Like, blood-boiling level mad.

Simply put, the meme makes light of what Joe did. Especially what he did to Beck, being that he wanted her to be his girlfriend. “Nice guys” aren’t perverted stalkers who kill people. A real, decent man wouldn’t even think about doing something like that. He wouldn’t kill people just because he felt they got in the way of his “fantasy” either.

However, that is exactly what Joe Goldberg did. He’s not a loving, caring boyfriend, even though he might seem to be sometimes. He and Beck do have a relationship, but it doesn’t last long. The whole time, Beck’s friends were trying to tell her that something wasn’t right about Joe. She didn’t see it for herself until it was too late.

Joe Goldberg. Once a stalker, always a stalker. And that’s not something to laugh at.


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