Writing my feelings (and for myself)



Believe me, I wish my bedroom were actually this nice. Someday it will be. But I digress. I actually want to talk about my blog and how I feel it has improved.

There was a recent period of time where I used the blog to vent. Pretty much all the time. I don’t think I went too far in revealing myself or anything, but looking back, I’m really embarrassed.

While I wrote about how I was feeling (and trying not to turn it into a pity party), I wasn’t really dealing with the root of the problem. I was trying to ease the symptoms, because I honestly didn’t know what the root of the problem was. I just knew I was stuck in a cycle that I couldn’t seem to break. There were days that I didn’t want to do anything, least of all eat or take a shower. All I could do was stay in bed and try to get some sleep.

Thankfully, I am no longer in that cycle. Granted, I’m still dealing with some of it, but I’m able to write and process my thoughts in a notebook. And I’ve been able to at least temporarily break the cycle and keep it from bleeding into my blog again now that I’ve learned a thing or two about narcissism.

I’m really proud of myself that I’ve been able to post on a consistent basis and get back to what this blog is about – books, movies, and occasionally breaking down an article in order to write my own thoughts about the subject.

I really hope you find my new content interesting. I know it’s something I can be proud of.

For my eyes only

I’ve also decided that not everything I write has to go on this blog. I’m really proud of the fan fiction I’ve been working on lately, but for some reason, it feels personal. Not that it would do anyone harm if I did post it, it’s just my version of a guilty pleasure. Way more fun – not to mention real – than reality TV, in my opinion.

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