Gendered words

It seems you did so not with reason or deduction, but something akin to female intuition.

London Spy, Episode 2

This quote from London Spy starring Ben Whishaw really got me thinking. But maybe I should set the scene first.

Ben’s character, Danny, is trying to figure out how his boyfriend, Alex Turner, was murdered. In the course of his personal investigation, he meets Alex’s mother. Before that, however, he meets two people claiming to be Alex’s parents. Danny quickly realizes that these people know absolutely nothing about Alex, and they eventually go to Alex’s biological parents’ house.

Alex’s mother, Frances, was sure that Danny would figure out something was off. But she seems to be surprised at how it did it, which is where the quote comes in.

Why is intuition a “female” thing? Guys can sense something’s off just as much as anybody else. I know “hysterical” originally referred to behavior during a woman’s menstrual cycle or something, but that in itself is strange.

Why do we have any words associated with someone’s gender at all? There doesn’t really seem to be any purpose behind it.


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