Rachel’s Broadway counterpart

I’ve written before about Rachel Platten and how her music is important to me. Maybe I’ve gone a little overboard. I’m not ashamed of it though. Because, at the end of the day, her music isn’t just fun and games. It serves a very important purpose: It makes me think about my life.

Rachel’s the backdrop for my highs and lows. She helps me process my feelings. She seems to have a song for whatever I’m feeling in a given moment. It’s almost like she and I are the same person.

However, Rachel Platten isn’t the only person who can make me think. Alexander Hamilton really blows my mind sometimes. Or maybe I should say Lin-Manuel Miranda. Yeah, that makes more sense, doesn’t it?

During my senior year in college, I had a lot on my mind that I was trying to cope with. And the Hamilton soundtrack – ahem, I mean original cast recording, sorry – seemed to be a giant metaphor for all of it. I could find something in almost every song that related to how I felt. Its relevance to my life was almost freaky. Two years later, it still means a lot to me, even though I have yet to see the play.

Rachel Platten and Lin-Manuel Miranda may not run in the same circles, but both of them mean a lot to me.

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