Monopoly: Podcast Edition

Last month, I came across this snippet as part of the Daily Rundown on LinkedIn. And It made me really mad. Because, as I’ve mentioned before, I’ve had issues with podcasts.

One time, my Apple Podcasts library deleted all the podcasts I’d been listening to. Sometimes, the app crashes for no apparent reason. And sometimes, Apple wipes out old episodes when I haven’t listened to them yet. I don’t know why that happens either, but it’s annoying.

Now, Spotify has bought another podcast network, Parcast. They’d already bought Gimlet, which had one of my favorite podcasts on it, Crimetown. They put the trailer and the first episode of season 2 on Apple Podcasts, but the rest of it is exclusively on Spotify.

I haven’t listened to it. Why should I have to download a separate app just to listen to one podcast? It’s not fair. I know it’s probably wishful thinking on my part, but why can’t people have access to everything no matter what podcast app they choose to use? I know Spotify probably wants more people to use the platform so it can make more money, but that doesn’t mean they get to have a monopoly on podcasts and podcast networks.

I know Spotify doesn’t own everything right now, but it sure seems headed in that direction. And I’m pretty sure – if my memory of history class over the years serves me – that the United States has anti-trust laws, which mean monopolies are illegal. All I have to say is Spotify better quit while it’s ahead.


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