Just a karaoke show?


For those who may not know, this is Alejandro Aranda. He was the runner up on this season of American Idol. After the finale last week, The Washington Post published an article about why he didn’t win it all, and they implied that Katy Perry accidentally pointed out the reason why in her comments.

After reading the article, it’s not entirely clear whether Perry’s comments were an accident or a Freudian slip. She simply said that American Idol has traditionally been a “karaoke show”, where the contestants sing covers of popular songs. Alejandro, on the on the other hand, came out swinging with his own music on Day 1.

Since its debut in 2002, the show has evolved to allow contestants to sing original songs. Alejandro obviously took advantage of that. It was a risk for sure, but it will pay off in the long run. He made it to the top 2 in the competition, after all. Now that the audience has seen how far Alejandro made it, it will encourage others to try out for future seasons with their own music and help the show evolve once more.

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