Wedding bells are ringing, but not for Melissa Parker. Months after shocking The Kind of September’s friends, family, and fandom with news of their engagement, Cory Foreman and Tara Meeks are ready to walk down the aisle, and Mel couldn’t be happier for them. At least, that’s what she’s supposed to think, especially now that she’s been recruited as a bridesmaid.

While Septemberists around the world are bracing themselves for the upcoming nuptials, Mel, Sam, and the rest of the guys are celebrating a new album, embracing new romances, and trying their best to avoid new rumors … Particularly those claiming that Mel and Sam are on the verge of ending their relationship.

The fourth book in the Boyband series by Jacqueline E. Smith might just be the best. The characters feel like family at this point, and the books where readers can connect with and relate to the characters are always excellent.

This book – as has come to be expected – had well timed humor and references that will make readers laugh out loud. And of course, there’s drama. There’s always loads of drama in the entertainment world of course, but this fictional drama is a whole other level. And don’t forget the plot twists. A good book and/or series always has a few, but readers won’t see these coming. At all.

Makes this book sound like something worth reading, doesn’t it?


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