Toy Story 4


In this fourth installment in the Toy Story franchise, Bonnie makes a new toy that she calls “Forky”, which is actually logical because he’s literally a spork. But one day while the family is on a road trip, Bonnie loses Forky, and it’s up to Woody and the rest of the gang to find him.

As much as this movie features old characters and creates new ones – and new storylines to go with them, of course – it’s almost laser-focused on Woody (Tom Hanks). Woody seems to be having an existential crisis. He knows that when kids grow up, they don’t need him anymore, but he’s also desperate to belong to someone. He can’t imagine “life” as a toy with no owner.

It’s definitely a theme that audiences can relate to, but it’s not obvious. After all, this is technically a kids’ movie, and kids wouldn’t necessarily pick up on it. Then again, no one is expecting them to.

As for other aspects of the movie, it was definitely laugh-out-loud funny. Especially Buzz Lightyear (Tim Allen) and his “inner voice”, which was really just him pressing buttons on his space suit and listening to whatever his generic sayings told him to do.

However, some of the new characters were terrifying. Just the way they looked. They were from an antique store, so that might explain it. Toys were really different back in the day. Don’t worry though, they’re not something that would necessarily frighten children.

And Bo Peep (Annie Potts) was something else. She brought the “girl power” to the movie. She doesn’t need a kid to play with her anymore; she does just fine on her own.

The ending is sad though, so be prepared for that. Otherwise, this movie will be fun for the whole family.

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