In a world where no one remembers the Beatles because of a random, worldwide, 12-second power outage, Jack Malik makes it his personal mission to bring their music back.

This is the movie audiences didn’t know they needed. Rather, the world didn’t know it needed. It’s laugh-out-loud funny, while also describing the ups and downs of the music industry without the frame of a biopic. Lily James is as amazing as ever, Kate McKinnon makes things hilariously awkward like she always does, and Ed Sheeran was a nice touch to the movie. He didn’t need to act so much as be himself, but he definitely has potential as an actor. And last but definitely not least, Himesh Patel had himself an excellent big-screen debut. He makes Jack someone the audience can relate to. Apart from the musical genius that rewrites and re-records the entire Beatles catalogue, of course.

Perhaps it’s a subtle theme, but this movie also explores what’s known as “imposter syndrome”. As his fame begins to rise, Jack is so afraid – paranoid, some might say – that people are going to realize that he didn’t write the Beatles’ songs and expose him for the fraud that he is. Or at least he feels like he is. However, these scenes are somewhat jarring because the audience isn’t aware of them until after they’ve already happened. There’s no buildup to them like there would be buildup to a flashback.

This movie is a unique and refreshing tribute to the Beatles because it breaks from the biopic trend. Biopics are always nice, but once in a while a brand-new story is all you need to expose a new audience to older music.


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