Downton Abbey


Chaos ensues when the servants of Downton Abbey learn that the king and queen of England plan to bring their own servants with them to Downton during their royal visit.

This movie is the culmination of six seasons of the TV show on PBS, with all of the original cast signing onto the project. Even though they took a few minutes before it began to explain all the characters and storylines, which was nice, it was still sort of hard to follow.

The movie is bit slow, but that’s not for a lack of action. The action is there, it’s just subtle. Paying attention to the dialogue is a must. Otherwise, it’s easy to miss Maggie Smith’s sassy humor. Violet Crawley and Minerva McGonagall may be characters in two different franchises, but they seem to be similar in everything else.

Imelda Staunton was there, too, except this time, her character was the outcast in the story. Even so, she and Maggie went back and forth as if they were still playing Umbridge and McGonagall.

Laura Carmichael also reprised her role as Lady Edith. She didn’t seem to have a lot to do with the movie’s main storylines, but she didn’t get nearly enough screen time. Because frankly, she’s amazing in The Spanish Princess.

This movie is definitely worth seeing. Whether someone has watched the show or not, it’s a good time.

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