Trashy Romance Novel

Delaney Brooks is the author of The Queen’s Surrogate, the “sinfully satisfactory” romance novel that swept readers around the world off their feet and into the fictional embrace of His Majesty, King Malcolm.

When her book is adapted into an eight-part miniseries, Delaney and her best friend, Gemma, fly to Scotland for what promises to be two months of lush green mountains, historic castles, and hot celebrity co-workers, including the gorgeous Matthew Kent, British playboy Benjamin Wyndham, and Hollywood’s hottest reformed rebel, Colin Ward.

Even though “trashy” is the first word in the title, this book is anything but trashy. In a word, this book is impressive. Jacqueline E. Smith wrote excerpts from books with in a book, and she made everything up. If memory serves, all John Green did when he wrote The Fault in Our Stars was make the up the title of a book and and the author.

It also reads like a daydream, but it’s not necessarily something specific to the author. Everyone has daydreams about what they’d do if they met and got to hang out with their favorite celebrities, right?

All this to say, this is Smith’s best book so far. Just the right amount of fantasy and daydreaming within realistic fiction.


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