A Song of Politics

I may not have read all of A Song of Ice and Fire yet, but it’s quite clear that Joffrey Baratheon and Cersei Lannister are pure evil. Full stop.

Reality, however, isn’t so simple. It’s impossible to identify someone as a Stark or a Lannister – to divide the world into groups of “good guys” and “bad guys”.

After watching the Democratic National Convention and the Republican National Convention last month, something became clear to me. While the current presidential administration may have had some successes, they have been overshadowed by things including but not limited to Twitter, the Russia investigation, and impeachment.

These last four years have up-ended everything I’ve come to expect from politics in my 26 years of life. Kind of like how life changes for House Stark in A Clash of Kings. Robb declares himself King in the North and heads off to war, leaving Bran in charge of Winterfell. Arya is taken from King’s Landing by the Night’s Watch. And Sansa is trapped at King’s Landing by the Lannisters.

That is to say, everything in American politics is different now, but we don’t have the luxury of turning the page or moving on to the next book to see what happens. All we can do is vote and see how things play out in November.


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