Catherine, Ferdinand, and sugared grapes

Last night was the premiere of the second (and unfortunately, last) part of The Spanish Princess.

Even though things went from happy to sad in a split second, the premier was everything I wanted and more. Even the bit with Ferdinand and the grapes.

In the beginning of the episode, Catherine and Harry arrange a feast to celebrate her family’s arrival in England. Her father, Ferdinand, and her nephew, Charles are there to put the finishing touches on their alliance against France.

As soon as Ferdinand shows up, things get awkward – Catherine was probably cringing inside. And it gets worse when Ferdinand presents her with the plate of grapes.

“I bring sugared grapes for you, your favorite. Remember? Take one.”

Catherine absolutely does not take one, because all she can remember is what happened with the grapes during her childhood.

The scene flashes back to when Catherine was younger. She and Ferdinand are sitting at a table with a grape between them. He encourages her to take it, only to slam his hand on the table and snatch it away.

Later in the episode, Catherine learns that Lina is pregnant. When Catherine asks why Lina didn’t tell her before then, Lina says that she didn’t want to bother her. So Catherine asks a question.

“My father … he took the grape. He used to promise me that this time, he’d let me take it. Then he’d do it again … and again. Now again. Have I become like him … so you no longer trust me? Am I so changed that we are no longer friends?”

And Lina responds

“You are better than your father. You show strength, but humility … courage and patience. And you do something your mother and father could not do. You ask questions of others as well as handing them orders. You have a good heart, Catherine. This storm will pass.”

I know what Catherine is feeling. I know what it is to hope your parents have changed, only to realize that they haven’t – and probably never will.

It’s also nice to see Lina reassure Catherine that she isn’t like her father. It’s so weird when people say I’m a nice person. I have a lot of trouble believing it sometimes. At least Catherine has Lina to lean on. I can lean on my friends too, but I’m always wary of talking about things too much because the last thing I want to do is push anyone away.

It definitely sucks, but it’s also kind of cool to be able to relate to Catherine in this way.

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