A Quiet Place Part II

After multiple frustrating delays due to the pandemic, the highly anticipated sequel to A Quiet Place is finally in theaters. Only in theaters, at least for now.

Day 1: The sound monsters – aliens? – arrived in the middle of Marcus Abbott’s (Noah Jupe) baseball game, and chaos ensued. Vehicles and buildings were smashed to bits. Lee and Reagan (John Krasinski and Millicent Simmonds, respectively) hunkered down in a bar while Evelyn (Emily Blunt), Marcus, and Beau tried to make their way home.

And all of that takes place before the opening credits.

The sequel kicks off on Day 474. The Abbott’s basement has flooded, so the four of them (baby who still has neither name nor gender at this point is in their box) make their way to an abandoned warehouse, where they find Emmett (Cillian Murphy) again. He was also at the baseball game. At first, he adamantly refuses to help them. But when the badass that is Regan Abbott goes rogue to try and find out where the sound monsters came from, Evelyn convinces him to go after her because that’s what Lee would have done.

So the movie breaks down into two storylines – one being Reagan and Emmett’s adventure, and the other being Evelyn, Marcus, and the baby waiting for them to get back.

It was a really wild ride. There was more actual dialogue – including Millicent talking for a bit, which was really cool. She didn’t need to use many words though, because her face said it all. Fear, anger, any other emotions, she can express brilliantly just with her face. She’s amazing.

And Noah, well, he’s really good at freaking out and being anxious. He can get his foot caught in a fake trap and have Marcus scream bloody murder in agony with the best of them. Marcus isn’t as strong as Regan (he begs Evelyn not to go to the pharmacy even though he needs medicine for aforementioned injured foot), but that’s okay.

Cillian Murphy’s Emmett is a little rough around the edges. He doesn’t tolerate any nonsense, and Evelyn really has to wear him down to convince him to go after Regan. However, he’s also a good guy. Over the course of their adventure, he comes to respect Regan and see her for who she is, even if he still needs a little help with Sign Language.

And last but not least, Emily Blunt reprised her role as Evelyn. Does anything more need to be said? Evelyn is maternal in the best ways possible. Able to protect her family with Lee’s shotgun, and be the comfort Marcus needs when he gets scared. Emily Blunt always has solid performances, even if her roles don’t necessarily stand out.

Whether the Abbott family will ever reunite remains to be seen.


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