Black Widow

Scarlett Johansson finally gets her own Marvel movie. Which means fans of the comics and movie franchise finally get Black Widow’s (aka Natasha Romanoff’s) origin story.

It starts simply enough: in 1995 Ohio, Natasha and her family go on what her dad calls “an adventure”. Fast forward 21 years, Natasha is on the run after what happened in Sokovia. In Budapest, she finds her sister Yelena, who is still dealing with the aftermath of her experience in the assassination program known as the Red Room.

This movie puts the petal to the metal and never lets up. All the action of the “adventure” happens before the opening credits. Scarlett Johansson is her usual kick ass and take names self. Although, she looks better with red hair.

It would have been nice to see more of Natasha’s origins though. Her experience in the Red Room, for example. She got out, but how did she do so? What made her realize that she could have a life outside of assassinating people? When did she decide she wanted that?

Florence Pugh is a surprise addition to the cast, but she fits right in. Because Yelena is freaking adorable. She may have a tough exterior, but she’s a sarcastic softie. Florence’s accent really highlights Yelena’s innocence. Yelena was also most of the comic relief in the movie, and it was laugh-out-loud perfection.

And the scene at the end of the credits sets up nicely for a new series. There’s a whole lot more where the movie comes from, and it’s going to be great.


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