Author: Marialena Gallagher

  • The Importance of Catelyn Stark

    From the beginning of the first book, I knew Catelyn Stark was a good person (and a good mother, of course, although I still think she could be nicer to Jon Snow). Maybe liking House Stark was my default mode because they’re the protagonists. However, like Bran, I didn’t realize what Catelyn Stark represented for […]

  • Safe Spaces: Jim’s Room and Lord Stafford

    I recently watched Season 2, Episode 9 (“Email Surveillance”) of The Office for a second time. Basically, Michael installs software that allows him to see everyone’s email, and he’s hurt when he realizes he’s the only one Jim didn’t invite to his barbecue. So, obviously, part of the episode takes place at Jim’s house. And […]

  • 206: A Field of Cloth of Gold

    My thoughts about Part 2, Episode 6 of The Spanish Princess are too complex to be individual tweets, so here goes nothing. I’ll start at the very beginning: the opening credits. When I saw Nadia Parkes among the cast again, I squealed so hard. I literally texted my friend “OMG THEY BROUGHT ROSA BACK!” I’ll […]

  • A Beautifully Foolish Endeavor

    The Carls disappeared the same way they disappeared, in an instant. While the robots were on Earth, they caused confusion and destruction with only their presence. Part of their maelstrom was the sudden viral fame and untimely death of April May, a young woman who stumbled onto the Carls’ path, giving them their name, becoming […]

  • Catherine’s Revenge

    After their marriage was finally sealed — it felt like ages as far as Catherine was concerned — life was good for a while.  She and Harry were very much in love.  They could hardly stand to be apart, and when they were alone, they couldn’t keep their hands off each other.  And they’d set […]