Author: Marialena Gallagher

  • Horror Movies: Is Something Wrong with Me?

    I watched The House at the End of the Street recently. I don’t usually do horror movies, but it’s a psychological thriller starring Jennifer Lawrence, so I thought I’d give it a shot. Psychological thrillers aren’t super gory, which is good for me. They’re not super scary from the get-go. They scare the freaking shit […]


  • Catherine, Ferdinand, and sugared grapes

    Last night was the premiere of the second (and unfortunately, last) part of The Spanish Princess. Even though things went from happy to sad in a split second, the premier was everything I wanted and more. Even the bit with Ferdinand and the grapes. In the beginning of the episode, Catherine and Harry arrange a […]

  • Apple Podcast Archives: Part 3

    In part two, I basically had a tantrum about how I lost some episodes of a podcast while I was listening to it. I’m happy to report that somehow, I was able to get those episodes back, and more episodes I was missing from other shows. It’s weird, but I’m not complaining. Also, the Podcasts […]

  • Appreciation for Bran Stark

    I liked Bran Stark as soon as I started reading A Game of Thrones, but the personal significance of his character didn’t really hit me until I saw the first episode of Game of Thrones. The episode ends with Bran’s fall from the tower window. It isn’t clear if Bran understood what he saw, but […]

  • A Song of Politics

    I may not have read all of A Song of Ice and Fire yet, but it’s quite clear that Joffrey Baratheon and Cersei Lannister are pure evil. Full stop. Reality, however, isn’t so simple. It’s impossible to identify someone as a Stark or a Lannister – to divide the world into groups of “good guys” […]