The Wife of Bath’s Response to the Clerk’s Tale

As the Clerk finished his tale, the Wife of Bath rode along in silent disgust. After a few minutes of complete silence, Harry Bailly asked, “So, what did everyone think of the tale?” The Wife of Bath seized her chance, dominating the conversation. “What’s with the double standard?” she asked. “Men don’t have to listen […]

Squire’s Response to the Wife of Bath’s Tale

The young squire in the company of the pilgrimage urged his mount into a gallop so that he could ride alongside his father, the knight. He had some questions about the truth of the Wife of Bath’s tale, but he did not want anyone to hear. “Father,” he asked, “what did the wife mean by […]


This fall, I took an English Class on Geoffrey Chaucer’s Canterbury Tales. The class was hard – not to mention a total bore sometimes – but I survived. The following posts in this category are two assignments I actually enjoyed. We had to write a response to one of the tales – we could continue […]