Category: Victorian Literature 2015

  • The French Lieutenant’s Woman: Chapters 22-36

    While Charles is still trying to sort out his feelings for Sarah, he receives word that his uncle wishes to see him immediately.  So he sets off for Winsyatt at once.  It turns out his uncle has finally married.  Which would, logically, take away Charles’s inheritance.  But his uncle has promised him one of the […]

  • The French Lieutenant’s Woman: Chapters 13-21

    Fowles now seems to claim ownership of his characters, even if he expects them to obey him.  How can they disobey him if he’s writing what they do?

  • The French Lieutenant’s Woman: Chapters 1-12

    In this first section of The French Lieutenant’s Woman, John Fowles seems to be taking on the role of an anthropologist – observing his characters rather than just telling a story.  If readers keep going with this metaphor, they will find that Fowles has a lot of biases even though anthropologists are supposed to keep […]

  • Tess of the D’Urbervilles: Chapters 37-59

    There would have been another section post for Tess, but it’s been rough at school lately and I couldn’t keep up.  You know something’s wrong when blogging doesn’t sound like fun.  But I’m not as stressed anymore, so I will try to aim for consistency.  We’ve already finished the book, so this post is going to […]

  • Tess of the D’Urbervilles: Chapters 25-36

    I was really happy for Tess and Angel.  I was hoping they would get together, and they did.  Angel leaves the farm for a bit to go talk to his parents about his intentions to marry Tess.  They are not too happy, but it doesn’t matter to him. Meanwhile, Tess is back at the farm […]