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  • Eighteenth Century WWE

    The shot discharged with a cloud of smoke.  Jamie gasped and winced with pain. That was the last straw.  She had a lot of nerve just showing up, but she wouldn’t get very far. “Ian,” Claire said, “help him inside and wait for me.” “Of course, Auntie.” Once both of them were out of sight, […]

  • The Honeymoon

    May 1990 Roger and his wife lay down in bed, snuggled together on the edge of sleep. “You know, Bree,” he said.  “In all the years we’ve been marrit, we havena really had a honeymoon.” In answer, she rolled over on her stomach and leaned on her elbows, facing him. “That’s true, but there wasn’t […]

  • An Eighteenth Century April Fool’s Day 

    Being married to John was different, to say the least.  We had friendship, but even that seemed to be strained under the circumstances.  I just couldn’t believe that Jamie was dead.  It wasn’t that I was in denial; I didn’t know what to think. The morning was bright, sunlight streaming in through the bedroom windows […]