Black Widow

Scarlett Johansson finally gets her own Marvel movie. Which means fans of the comics and movie franchise finally get Black Widow’s (aka Natasha Romanoff’s) origin story. It starts simply enough: in 1995 Ohio, Natasha and her family go on what her dad calls “an adventure”. Fast forward 21 years, Natasha is on the run after… Continue reading Black Widow

A Quiet Place Part II

After multiple frustrating delays due to the pandemic, the highly anticipated sequel to A Quiet Place is finally in theaters. Only in theaters, at least for now. Day 1: The sound monsters – aliens? – arrived in the middle of Marcus Abbott’s (Noah Jupe) baseball game, and chaos ensued. Vehicles and buildings were smashed to… Continue reading A Quiet Place Part II

Horror Movies: Is Something Wrong with Me?

I watched The House at the End of the Street recently. I don’t usually do horror movies, but it’s a psychological thriller starring Jennifer Lawrence, so I thought I’d give it a shot. Psychological thrillers aren’t super gory, which is good for me. They’re not super scary from the get-go. They scare the freaking shit… Continue reading Horror Movies: Is Something Wrong with Me?