A Night with the Best

When I was younger, around 2004 or so, Mom discovered the men of Il Divo.  I mean, the music was okay, but I didn’t care for it much because it’s mostly opera singing, and they were singing in languages I didn’t understand.  BORING.  However, I have since changed my mind.

Sage the Gemini at RMC: 4/22/17

Back in April, we had Camptown at my school.  Well, part of it, anyway.  They had to reschedule all the games and rides because it was raining cats and dogs outside. But the Sage the Gemini Concert was still a go.  They moved it to the gym because it was still raining.  I got myself […]

Rachel Platten en Español 

On Monday, I was listening to music on my way to a party (I actually got invited to one for once), and I happened to come across something new by Rachel Platten. It’s not exactly new; she dropped it last year.  I noticed it, but I didn’t touch it because I was still using the […]