Not so much Fun

Fun, graciosa, divertido These are words for the same thing in which I cannot partake, oh no. Even though they say all work and no play will make me a dull lass, I am not allowed to have any sass. Believe me, I tried the other way, working my ass off, But all that did… Continue reading Not so much Fun


I feel so alone right now; I have no one to turn to. Most of my friends are back at school, but do they even miss me? Some people say they’re too cool, but I actually like to learn. I wish someone could hug and kiss me, and tell me that everything is going to… Continue reading Alone


I’ve done all the courses, But I’m still gathering sources. But there’s still one obstacle I just can’t seem to move. And honestly, sometimes I just want to hit snooze. Obstacle Course  

The Shadow

I still have a shadow hanging over my head, Especially when I go to bed. It’s been awhile now, I want to be free. If only I weren’t my own worst enemy. Shadow  

Poker Face

I appear happy, but sometimes I am anything but. I feel like a misfit, a mutt. I don’t belong anywhere but the place I left behind; at least there I could shine. I hate having to pretend, put on a poker face. But sometimes, that’s how I fake it until I make it.  

I Wonder

I wonder what it would be like if I had everything I ever wanted. I wonder what it would be like if everything I daydreamed about were true; if I had a first-name-basis friendship with the people who changed my life. I wonder what it would be like to spend time with them outside of… Continue reading I Wonder