Category: Poetry

  • Not so much Fun

    Fun, graciosa, divertido These are words for the same thing in which I cannot partake, oh no. Even though they say all work and no play will make me a dull lass, I am not allowed to have any sass. Believe me, I tried the other way, working my ass off, But all that did […]

  • Destruction of Passion

    I’m not sure how it started, But I hate having to be guarded. I don’t have anything that is my own, except the things that people hate. I know I can’t wait much longer, or else my passion will be completely destroyed. And that will just lead to people being annoyed. But I’m not sure […]

  • Alone

    I feel so alone right now; I have no one to turn to. Most of my friends are back at school, but do they even miss me? Some people say they’re too cool, but I actually like to learn. I wish someone could hug and kiss me, and tell me that everything is going to […]

  • Obstacles

    I’ve done all the courses, But I’m still gathering sources. But there’s still one obstacle I just can’t seem to move. And honestly, sometimes I just want to hit snooze. Obstacle Course  

  • The Shadow

    I still have a shadow hanging over my head, Especially when I go to bed. It’s been awhile now, I want to be free. If only I weren’t my own worst enemy. Shadow