For the women

I haven’t heard from Daughtry in forever … Just wow. This is powerful.

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This song might have been very apt for a Women’s day. But still would dedicate it to all the women. Chris Daughtry’s amazing voice adds more emotion to the beautiful lyrics. At first it might seem like they are talking about Superman. But then you might have to look a little closer or may be read in between the lines to get the actual message. And the interpretations do vary from person to person.

Here is Daughtry singing ‘Waiting for Superman’

Lyrics from A-Z Lyrics

She’s watching the taxi driver, he pulls away
She’s been locked up inside her apartment a hundred days

She says, “Yeah, he’s still coming, just a little bit late.
He got stuck at the laundromat washing his cape.”
She’s just watching the clouds roll by and they spell her name
Like Lois Lane
And she smiles, oh the way she smiles

She’s talking to angels,

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Dealing With Me During Dark Times- Depression Is Anger Turned Inward, blog by Drem

Not naming any names, but some people could stand to take notes …

Drem - Artist

I wrote part of this in response to someone asking about how to care for someone during a serious episode of depression. I think this sums up my entire life.

i just tell my mom to not talk to me. i live on leftovers and granola bars (mostly peanut butter Cliff bars). sometimes i eat a banana. if I’m in a really crazy mood, i’ll make toast. but that’s rare. i don’t answer the door. i don’t pick up the phone. because of that, i don’t order food.

she got a boyfriend to stay occupied. i’m happy for her. he’s nice.
that’s it. that’s life. i sit. i take my meds. i watch tv. i watch nothing. then flashes. flash flash flash of bad images. bad home movies. of my life. of me. in my past. i take more meds. i feel too much. but a vacancy is there deep…

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Why the Word of God Hurts

YES. Just YES. So much YES.


Death of People.

Well said, John. Well said.

Storytime with John

People keep dying, and I wish we could do something about it.

Not actually stop people from dying in general you understand; I mean that would be ridiculous, a mad scheme of a raving lunatic…something you would pull from a bad science-fiction novel (or something I would write, which is effectively the same thing), so yeah – no. Instead I am suggesting maybe some sort of system where we know when people will say goodbye to the physical world as we know it. That’s all. 

Rickman Phone GIF

I’ll let the technological boffins see to the details and the fine-tuning of the actual logistics of such a thing; I’m more of the Steve Jobs in this situation, barking out grandiose ideas and then coming back once they’re all done to unveil the finished article, (and then taking all the glory). 

You see, I don’t like waking up to news about family who have…

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RIP Prof. Snape

I love this.

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Contains spoilers from Harry Potter series.

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Loving The Pun-ishment


Libby Cole

Am I the only one in the world who loves puns? Maybe it’s because I don’t get out enough. Maybe it’s something to do with being a words geek. But if you start a pun war with me, I won’t need any inkcouragement. I’m going ALL IN.

Sorry-Not-Sorry Sorry-Not-Sorry

Unlike a broken pencil, puns aren’t pointless. While 90% of people will eye roll me out of the room at the sound of a pun, it’s helped me unearth a few other word geeks at parties. Then you can huddle in a corner and plan out all the things you want to do before you die, ready for your oughtobiography.

Have I driven you away yet? Still not sorry. A good friend even used one to explain how I get sick every winter. What can I expect, when I’m always working with drafts?

Maybe one day puns will have a renaissance like…

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How Did It Go Down? by Kara Rosenberg

This would be a really interesting read … It’s definitely appropriate for what this country (the USA) is going through right now.

Nerdy Book Club

how it went downHow It Went Down by Kekla Magoon starts with an all-too-familiar scenario: a black teenager, Tariq, is shot by a white man in a poor, urban neighborhood that could take place in any city in America at any point in the recent (or not-so-recent) past. The novel begins with what seems like a straightforward police report and proceeds to tell the story of the shooting’s aftermath through short vignettes, written from the perspectives of various characters connected to Tariq and his death. The story that emerges is far from straightforward and defies our stereotypes at every turn. Readers and characters have to puzzle out the truth about Tariq: was he an innocent bystander or an aspiring member of the Kings (the Peach Street gang)? Was he the victim or the criminal?

At first, there are too many characters, too many emotions, and too many versions of how it went down…

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This 12-Year-Old Boy Needs Books. Let’s Send Him Some.

I wonder what he likes to read … Let’s help this kid out, shall we?

101 Books

Here’s your heartwarming story for the day.

Last week, a mailman in Utah was delivering mail to the home of a 12-year-old boy, Mathew Flores. The kid was reading junk mail and asked the mailman if he had any extra.

When the mailman, Ron Lynch, asked Flores why he was reading junk mail, the boy told him that he didn’t have any books. For fun, he reads newspapers and mail.

Flores’ family doesn’t have a car, and he can’t afford the bus pass to go to the library. So, no books.

“He didn’t want electronics. He didn’t want to sit in front of the TV playing games all day. This kid just wanted to read,” Lynch said.

So, like any good trustworthy mailman, Lynch did something about it.

He posted a photo of the boy on Facebook, with a description of the situation. The post went viral on social media and found its…

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note to self: depression is a liar

Anxiety is a liar too. I still fight it every day, some more than others. I’ve come close to giving up before, but I won’t. I won’t stop pushing myself until I hit my goals.


My New Year’s resolution this year was to let someone read my writing. Aside from my articles and editorials from high school journalism, I’d never let a single soul read a creative writing piece penned by my hand. When I made the resolution, I assumed I would let one or two people read my writing. My sister, my boyfriend, my best friend, or someone who I knew wouldn’t make fun of me if the writing was terrible or the prose lackluster.

When I shared my blog post to Facebook, I assumed the same 60-100 people who regularly see what I’m up to would read it. That was a scary enough step.

Now, 7 million views and counting later, I can safely say that I have fully achieved my NY Resolution.

I never expected the response I received from my writing. Depression has a way of making you feel that you…

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The Courage of Zayn Malik and Why Strong Men Cry

It’s simple. Health > Career. People need to realize that …

Media Diversified

by Huma Munshi  

On the face of it Zayn Malik leaving One Direction shouldn’t really resonate. At 34 years old, I am past fawning over boy bands. Even when I should have been gripped by Take That fever, I had a lot more affinity with the music of old codgers like Bob Dylan and Leonard Cohen. However, there is something about Zayn that does appeal. In part, it is the fact that he’s that rarest of species: an Asian boy band member in the British mainstream – and he is pretty striking at that.

15th NRJ Music Awards - Red Carpet Arrivals

But it was his recent departure from One Direction, which finally struck a chord. He laid bare the impact mental distress can have on a person. Having experienced significant mental ill-health myself, his honesty mattered. The workplace is a much cited cause of mental ill-health: you have to navigate difficult workplace relationships…

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