Sage the Gemini at RMC: 4/22/17

Back in April, we had Camptown at my school.  Well, part of it, anyway.  They had to reschedule all the games and rides because it was raining cats and dogs outside.

But the Sage the Gemini Concert was still a go.  They moved it to the gym because it was still raining.  I got myself a front row seat at first, but some of the school events organizers told me I could move if I wanted to.  I decided it would make sense to go upstairs on the track; I wouldn’t get trampled.

So I found myself upstairs on the track.  I tried to live stream video from my Facebook page, but it kept buffering, so it wasn’t really worth it.

I had a nice bird’s-eye-view, but the acoustics were horrible; I could barely hear anything.  I heard music, but I couldn’t hear the words.  What I did hear, though, was good.

I’ll have to go back and check out his music.

Rascal Flatts:  8/12/16

While on vacation, I got to see Rascal Flatts at the xfinity Center in Mansfield, Massachusetts.  I had no idea they’ve been around for 16 years.  That’s some longevity.

But first up was Kelsea Ballerini, whom I knew from watching the Greatest Hits music special on ABC back in June.  The show covered all the greatest hits from the 1980s to today, performed by the original artists as well as today’s artists.  I liked it because I knew a lot of the songs.  I grew up on old music.

But I digress.  As far as performing goes, Ballerini isn’t half bad.  I liked her songs.  During her second song, she walked up and down the aisles through the crowd, and I was close enough to touch her.  I didn’t; I didn’t want to be creepy or anything.

Next up was the main act:  Rascal Flatts.  I wasn’t familiar with all of their songs, but I enjoyed the ones I knew.  They played “What Hurts the Most” which is actually a really sad song when you listen to the lyrics, but I like it nonetheless.  Of course they played “Life is a Highway,” the one song I wanted to hear.  What can I say?  It’s a classic.

The song I didn’t expect to hear was “God Bless the Broken Road”.  I knew the song and I like it, but I didn’t realize they were behind it.  I hadn’t heard it in a long time, but I found myself singing along.

The visuals at the concert were amazing.  There were lots of lights in different colors and projection patterns.  During one of the songs – I don’t remember which one –   they even had photos of the guys growing up from a personal photo album.  That was really cool.

To top it all off, the guys in Rascal Flatts are hilarious.  Throughout the show, they were cracking jokes sometimes at their own expense.

If you ever get the chance to see them, don’t pass it up.  It’s so worth it.

Miss Peregrine’s Movie

When it first came out, I went to see Miss Peregrine’s Home for Peculiar Children with a friend.  As far as I could tell, it was spot on, except they mixed up Olive and Emma’s powers. The ending was different too.  The visuals were stunning, but it was scarier than I thought it would be.  Reading it is one thing, but seeing  it is completely different. If you get a chance to see it, do so.  Even if you haven’t read the book, you can still follow it.  You won’t regret it.