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  • The Problem with Apple Music

    I love Apple Music, I really do. I get to listen to everything I can think of and more. Lately I’ve been on a TV and film scores kick (The Queen’s Gambit and Locke and Key, just to name a few), which is fun, because, you know, I’m a nerd. However, there’s a problem that […]

  • A Song of Politics

    I may not have read all of A Song of Ice and Fire yet, but it’s quite clear that Joffrey Baratheon and Cersei Lannister are pure evil. Full stop. Reality, however, isn’t so simple. It’s impossible to identify someone as a Stark or a Lannister – to divide the world into groups of “good guys” […]

  • Mary Poppins and COVID-19

    I was watching Mary Poppins Returns again recently when I noticed something I hadn’t before.  Toward the end of the movie, Wilkins – aka the wolf aka Colin Firth – says something like “Who would’ve thought the Slump would be so good for business?” He’s referring to the Great Depression here, (in England they called […]

  • Hurricanes and Blogger Burnout

    Dear Alexander, The eye of your hurricane may be quiet, but mine is not. Mine is making my head spin. I’m trying to write my way out though. My writing is the only thing I’m sure of. Your obedient servant, MG I wish I knew how Hamilton did it. All his writing. He wrote 51 […]

  • You know you’re addicted when …

    Today, I got around to reading an article I saved from The Washington Post. I saved it because the topic is related to my previous post, so I thought I’d write something about this as well. Apparently, kids today (Gosh, that makes me sound like an old person when I’m not) are exploiting bugs in […]