No direct route

American Idol season 2 on ABC started recently, and it got me thinking. If someone wants to be a singer, they can try out for American Idol. If someone wants to be an actor, they can start out in local productions and eventually get an agent or something. How come there’s no structure like this for writers?

Granted, I don’t even know how a writing contest would work. Because I can’t turn around a story in a week. It takes me multiple weeks, or even months, to finish something and make it just the way I like it. My imagination doesn’t work on demand. As much as I’d like to, I can’t just sit down and write all day.

But it would be nice to get a publishing deal from something. Because there’s no guarantee I’ll ever get published. I like to think I’m halfway decent at writing, but my personal opinion doesn’t mean anything; I’m naturally biased.

I’d love to have more people read my work and gives me notes. I thoroughly enjoy any chance to improve my writing, although I don’t always agree with all the notes I get.


Breakdown: A Million Little Things

If it weren’t for Outlander, A Million Little Things would probably take the top spot on my list of favorite TV shows. Is it weird that I even have a list to begin with? Why am I ashamed that I have a list?

Anyway, I actually took a break from the latter for a while because I wasn’t really sure if I would be comfortable with the direction in which it seemed to be going. But the commercials for it sucked me back in, and now I’m fully invested.

I’m going to break down the reasons why I love it so much, because they’re probably somewhat obscure. Here goes nothing.


One day, John Dixon (Ron Livingston), Gary Mendez (James Roday), Rome Howard (Romany Malco), and Eddie Saville (David Giuntoli) get trapped together in an elevator. So what do they do? They sit down on the floor and get to know each other. It’s the Muggle version of how Harry, Ron, and Hermione become friends:

There are some things you can’t share without ending up liking each other, and knocking out a twelve-foot mountain troll is one of them.

J.K. Rowling, Harry Potter and the Sorcerer’s Stone

So the guys and their wives (well, Gary and his girlfriend) quickly become the ride-or-die type of friends who will do anything for each other. Gary even goes so far as to drop whatever he is doing at the moment to help one of the others out.

I don’t have a lot of friends. Never have, probably never will. And I’m okay with that; quality over quantity, after all. But sometimes I find myself wondering about the ride-or-die part. I’m definitely Gary. If I’m able to, I’ll drop whatever I’m doing to help one of my friends. But would my friends do the same for me?

Don’t get me wrong, I found some good friends in college, but everywhere I go, I seem to run into people who seem to be nice to me just because I have cerebral palsy and I use a wheelchair to get around. And that’s the thing I hate the most. I’m more than just a disability, and it’s not something about me that should define me. If someone is going to be my friend, I want the relationship to be reciprocal.

Mental Health

In Episode 9, “Perspective”, Rome finally opens up to his father about his depression while they’re fixing one of the sinks in Rome’s bathroom. His father is somewhat unnerved by the fact that Rome is on anti-depressants. Mental health is one of the most stigmatized things ever, and it’s ridiculous if you ask me, but I digress. Rome explains his situation to his father like this:

You want to teach me how to fix the sink, but me, taking those pills, quitting my job, that’s me trying to fix me.

It really resonated with me, because I’m also trying to “fix me”. I’m trying to lean into the things that make me happy without feeling ashamed about it. I’m getting better, but I’ve still got a long way to go.

Family Dynamics and Amicable Divorce

In the penultimate episode of Season 1 (Episode 16, “The Rosary”), Eddie’s ex-wife, Katherine (Grace Park) chaperones their son, Theo, on a school field trip. Theo has a bit of an attitude because he’s used to Eddie being there for him. Eddie was a stay-at-home dad until he decided to rejoin his band, The Red Ferns.

Anyway, when Katherine and Theo get home, Theo lets her have it, with “just so you know, you did a bad job today” and “I knew it should’ve been Dad”. However, Katherine doesn’t respond by getting mad. She calmly explains to her son that she understands he’s in a bad mood, and she’s sorry, but it’s not okay to talk to her like that.

And Theo actually asked for a consequence. When I got in trouble, I knew I was going to have a consequence, but I didn’t ask for one. Theo’s self-awareness seems a bit unrealistic.

On another weird note, during Theo’s field trip, Katherine hears one off Eddie songs, and she calls him because she thinks it’s really cool and she’s excited. I can’t say I understand it; people can still be friends after a divorce? How? I guess some people are better off as friends. It was really nice to see that everyone hates their ex-husband or their ex-wife.


The News Anchor Last Night 


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In a Parallel Universe …

Once upon a time, in a galaxy far, far away …

No, this isn’t about Star Wars.  Sorry if I disappointed you.  It’s about David Muir and World News Tonight.  Yes, him again.


They Skipped World News

You might not know this, but I’m a HUGE NERD. I LOVE watching ABC News, especially World News Tonight with David MuirI watch it every night I can – that is, when I don’t have too much homework.  It’s something I look forward to.

Tonight, however, they skipped World News in favor of an extended edition of the local news, cutting straight to Wheel of Fortune.  This is NOT okay.  I’m actually really angry right now.  I mean, I know Virginia currently has a lot of snow and the governor declared a state of emergency, but it seemed like the entire newscast was devoted to just that – snow.  BORING.

If someone takes away something that I look forward to and enjoy, I’m not going to be a happy camper, especially since journalism is a potential – not to mention most likely – career path for me.  And, I’ll be honest, David Muir is easy on the eyes.  The fact that he’s also fluent in Spanish is one of the reasons I want to do something – I haven’t decided major or minor yet – with Spanish as well as my English major.  He is not the only reason.  I actually like – no, love – the language.  Plus, my professor is awesome.


The Batchleor (and Batchlorette, for that matter)

The one show that has been a constant fixture on ABC for as long as I can remember is The Bachelor (alternating seasons with The Bachelorette). I don’t watch it religiously because I honestly think it’s stupid. However, when I do find myself watching it, it’s mostly for the drama. Like last night, when Chris – the current Bachelor – shared his thoughts on what happened so far, it was interesting to see his point of view. They also interviewed Andy (Andie)? – last season’s Bachelorette – about her breakup with Josh. It was so pathetic I couldn’t stand to watch the entire thing. Why was she so distraught? It wasn’t real. It’s never been real. Granted, there are some couples who met on the show and actually stayed together, but their numbers are few. Most of what happens is probably for the cameras. Seriously, how can anyone find true love in a room with 25 members of their opposite sex? It doesn’t make sense. And when you start spending time with one, the others get their feelings hurt. It’s not the normal way to find someone, so why do it? I just don’t know.


Sing Your Face Off

Sing Your Face Off on ABC had a great first season. Basically, celebrities have to impersonate singers and sing their songs. But it’s not just dress-up. They have to be believable as the person they are portraying.

They finale a few nights ago was nothing short of interesting. To start off, two of the judges – Darrell Hammond and Deb Gibson – transformed into Sonny and Cher and sang “I Got You Babe.” It was amazing.

At the end of the show, Sebastian Bach and John Lovitz took the stage as LMFAO. Although it was less believable, it was hilarious.

I’m not going to tell you who won, because that would be spoiling. It’s a great show. I can’t wait for Season 2.